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On April 1, 2017 the Dutch program ‘Nieuwsuur’ broadcasted the item about the 20,000 bachelors with autism in the Netherlands who are unemployed. What can these persons do? The economy is improving so unemployment will decrease rapidly. Unemployed persons with autism however will not be the first to be chosen. Despite having the education, they will not get the position.

 Dit artikel in het Nederlands

Dit artikel in Nederlands

Recently I completed the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Service Industry training of The Lean Six Sigma Company ( This was reason for me to write an article about what Lean Six Sigma is.

Dit artikel in Nederlands

Where in recent years manufacturing jobs disappeared to low-wage countries, there is now a trend where these jobs are coming back again. In this story of Brad Power explains what steps General Electric management have made to get production back to the United States. It is recommended to also read the links to background articles. Especially the 'The Atlantic' article about insourcing provides important background information.

Insourcing at GE: The Real Story

By Brad Power

GE’s “insourcing” of appliance manufacturing to the U.S. has been trumpeted as a major reversal of the trend of sending jobs abroad to lower cost locations, and has been characterized in the press as a kind of “onshoring” story. I see it differently: as a “NUMMI deja vu” story. You may recall that NUMMI was a joint venture of Toyota and GM, where Toyota took over one of GM’s worst plants and turned it around with a new management system — using many of the same people and the same unions. GE’s insourcing is actually quite similar. So, how did GE do it?

Dit artikel in het Nederlands

After having worked for years inside a company you are made redundant and have to spend time at home. That is annoying, especially because living from an employment benefit can be a challenge. You have come in the twilight zone where departure can be difficult. How did you come in this situation, and even better, what can you do to get out of it?

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This is the second part of a two part article series over Crowdfunding. The first part was Crowdfunding as an alternative form of financing

Because I tweeted about my donation to The Ocean Cleanup: Feasibility Study I came into contact with Lee Andrews (@CFMentor on Twitter) from the crowdfunding 'When You Wish' website. When You Wish is one of the platforms you can use to publicise your crowdfunding project. The website comes with many tools that will help you to start your own crowdfunding project.

Lee and I discussed crowdfunding as a tool for financing a project. This article is the result of the discussion.